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Mobile about to exceed 150 million downloads

Call of Duty: Mobile

Since last October 1, Call of Duty: Mobile is now available for download, both in the Play Store and in the Apple App Store. This has been one of the most anticipated titles in the last year, especially after the release of both PUBG and Fornite in the middle of last year.

Since its launch, this title has achieved exceed the number of downloads that both PUBG and Fortnite obtained during its first month of market availability, although in the case of Fortnite, it was only available on iOS for the first 5 months. One month after its launch it has been downloaded 148 million times.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The United States is the country where the mobile version of Call of Duty has been downloaded the most times, concentrating 16% of total downloads, which translates into 23.6 million downloads. The second country where it has been most successful is India, a country where it has been downloaded 16.2 million times, 11% of the total.

As usual, although the downloads on Android are higher than those registered on iOS devices, Apple's platform has generated 60% of the total of the 53.9 million dollars it has generated in its first month of availability.

For now, the revenue figures that this game is generating It doesn't seem to be as optimistic as they could expect from Activision, quite the opposite that happens with PUBG Mobile, a game that has become a machine to make money every month, both on iOS and Android.

PUBG Mobile was downloaded during the first month in 60.7 million devices, while Fortnite reached 35 million downloads, only on the iOS platform, since nor was available on Android up to 4 months later.

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