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Ming-Chi Kuo talks again about the iPhone 12 and 5G that Apple released in 2020

iphone 12

The next year Apple present with almost total probability new iPhone with 5G and now one of Apple's biggest connoisseurs, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, has once again revealed information about the presumed iPhone 12 and its antenna technology.

First of all, keep in mind that 5G is spreading in two phases and that in this first one, due to the technology used, the coverage does not have the optimal penetration, for that reason within buildings the coverage drops dramatically. In theory there are two types of 5G technology, mmWave and sub 6GHz, and the iPhone 12 is compatible with both.

All new iPhone with 5G

Kuo has predicted that Apple include 5G technology to all new 2020 iPhone modelsWe do not know if it will also be included in the alleged iPhone SE 2. The company is expected to use Qualcomm modems and all iPhone 5Gs will be compatible with the mmWave and sub-6GHz bands.

Qualcomm 5G chipset

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As for the iPhone 5G, Kuo predicts that the new models of iPhone 5G represent between 15% and 20% of total sales of iPhone during the second half of 2020. These new iPhone will use three LCP antennas, liquid crystal polymer, a type of antenna that came with the iPhone X. The liquid crystal polymer, or LCP, is a very interesting material for the antennas since it works consistently at different temperatures and has a very low loss, which makes it ideal for 5G technology.

In fact this antenna technology be predominant on the iPhone from next year since according to Kuo, the successors of the iPhone 11 will also be equipped, and both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone XR, which do not use this technology, will be discontinued next year.