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Memory problems in the mobile? Google Play Store help you

There are many different users on Android, from those who change each month from mobile to those who use it until they stop working. Or until something forces them to change. Too many times we have seen how in recent years that reason was related to the internal memory available in the terminals. It is very common to see the mobile phone of a friend or relative with the messages "No memory available".

If that is our case, or that of someone we know, we are in luck because Google is updating Google Play Store to indicate the amount of space that is occupied in our mobile, in addition to allowing us to free it by deleting applications that we do not use.

Managing available memory

The new function is being activated on the server side, which means that only some users have it at the moment but it is expected that it will reach everyone sooner rather than later.

To see if we have it we have to open the app store and then the Lateral Menu. There we select the option of My Applications and within it we are going to Installed

Memory problems on the mobile? Google Play Store will help you

At the top of this section a new area will appear in which we are told the amount of memory that we have left on the mobile. If we click on the arrow on the right, a window opens in which the applications that we have installed but have not been used appear for a long time. In fact, it tells us how long we have not opened them, in case we want to erase them and free up space.

We can select several and click on the button in the lower area, which indicates the amount of space we will free. Next to the date of use we also see what each application occupies on our mobile.

The version that is showing this is 12.7.23 but as we say it is something that Google activates or not the users on its servers so if it does not appear we will have to wait.