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Let's talk about influencers How does Michael Kors identify the right one?

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Jess Pacheco marketing manager of Michael Kors, ensures that the main thing is to identify the communication needs of your brand. What are you going to communicate and in what traditional media and what digital media.

What strategy do I use?

The essential thing is to recognize the area of ??the brand (values, ideology, mission), what do you want to achieve?

The following is the positioning, for this you should consider branding, sales traffic interactions in social networks.

What kind of influencers exist?

There are different categories of influencers from the global, which is known worldwide for his work, celebrities. Also those of niche, that are known in a sector, the micro, that as soon as they influence and finally those that influence by their authority.

How do I find a suitable influencer?

The easiest way to find people recommendation or use social media algorithms.

In accordance with Inportal 43 percent of purchasing decisions are influenced by Facebook and according to Sales Force, 31 percent of Mexican consumers say they use Instagram as the main source of inspiration for purchases.

Figures of Statist they predict that for 2020 the number of users in social networks will reach 2, 96 billion.

On the other hand you can invest in applications that connect you with an influencer. Today there are agencies of influencer marketing, where they link you with the best options for you to decide.

What characteristics should this influencer have?

Pacheco advises that you are sure that social causes follow, that it complies with the DNA of your brand. As well as a public image that is well seen, that are professionals, creators of content and know how to interact.

But above all that shows and is true his taste for your brand.

You must ensure the existence of a clear and concrete contract to avoid future problems. Finally, constantly monitor the results generated by your influencer.