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In-depth comparison between Spotify and Apple Music

Spotify is the undisputed king of music streaming on demand. It was the service that established the current streaming market model and has tens of millions of paid subscribers more than the competition, not to mention countless millions more free users. But Apple Music, known for its exclusive high-level releases and its full integration into Apple's popular iOS ecosystem, is on its heels, which makes the next question difficult to answer: between Spotify and Apple Music, what is the best?

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The truth is that Apple Music has also had impressive growth, reaching about 60 million monthly subscribers since it was launched in June 2015, almost a decade after Spotify's debut. In fact, right now it is the most popular payment transmission service in the United States. What are the greatest virtues of these services? What do they falter in? Do you know what is best for you? We analyze everything in the following comparison.

Music library

Spotify won its dominant position by force of its impressive catalog of more than 30 million songs. If we put this together with the fact that it adds more than 20,000 new songs every day, the service offers more music than your ears can hear.

Spotify and Apple Music

Although it is true that your library has some important gaps to cover -Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift or Tool-, the Spotify catalog is extremely large.

In addition, the Swedish streaming service offers the latest releases, exclusive live sessions and several new singles directly through its New releases tab every Friday, providing an excellent range of songs from numerous artists.

However, Apple service has about 40 million songs, exceeding in this case the figure of "more than 30 million" Spotify. In addition, Apple has taken steps to obtain more exclusive than the competition, Taylor Swift's work being an excellent example.

In fact, Spotify is not very happy with the artists who sign exclusivity agreements with Apple. According to what is said, the firm will be able to alter the search rankings for those who join the Apple platform first.

In addition, there is another area where Apple Music takes advantage of its competition: the integration of the iTunes library.

Any music you have, whether purchased through the iTunes Store, taken from a physical CD or uploaded to iTunes Match, appears in your Apple Music library, giving you the option to freely explore your own content along with the standard catalog of Manzana.

Spotify offers a similar function, placing your local music files on a separate tab, but you cannot access your local music through extensive searches like you can do with Apple Music.

Winner: Apple Music

Musical discoveries

Despite all its songs and lists, the Spotify library can be a bit daunting for those who want to find new music. Anyway, the company offers a lot of useful tools to find new topics.

Playlists like Release Radar, New Music Friday and Discover Weekly offer fantastic opportunities for subscribers to get hooked on the new music. In fact, this program has 32 base genres to choose from – and at least 20 other selectable playlists and other custom playlists, such as Daily Mixes, are constantly added to the mix.