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Huawei exceeds 200 million phones sold this year

Huawei company

Despite the US blockade, with the consequences that it has had, we are seeing how Huawei sales are being very positive in so far this year. In fact, a few days ago, it was revealed that up to September they had risen 26%. The Chinese brand now shares other important news about its sales.

As have already exceeded last year's figures. 2018 was a year of records for Huawei, which closed the year with 200 million phones sold. Less than two months before the end of the year, the firm has already exceeded this figure. 64 days before last year, as they have already announced.

No doubt, make it clear that the company is going through a good time, in terms of sales. Despite the many problems that Huawei has encountered throughout the year, its sales grow at a good pace and are breaking all its records. They were already expected to exceed last year's sales. Something we already know will happen for sure.

In China they are having a good year. Ranges like the Enjoy sell very well and the new Mate 30 have been launched in China with good results so far. They have also recovered in Europe in the third quarter of the year. So the situation is positive.

Some analysts estimate that Huawei will reach 250 million phones sold this year. It is a figure that could still be reached, especially if we consider that there are important events still in these two months (Black Friday, Christmas, Singles Party of 11.11 in China ..)

Therefore, it would not be unusual for Manufacturer sales increase clearly in these two months. We will see how Huawei ends the year, but for now it seems clear that sales accompany the company. Surely we will know more about official sales these months.

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