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How to solve problems when sharing Wi-Fi on Xiaomi phones

Android has a multitude of functions inside, some of which are widely used, such as the data connection or the camera, and others only use a specific type of user, although they are important.

Among these, the WIFI zone, the option that allows us to turn our mobile into a kind of router capable of connecting to the Internet to any device that is capable of connecting to a wireless network.

It is a function that by default comes already in all Android phones but some, like certain Xiaomi devices, give some problems with it. And no, we are referring to mobile phones imported in unofficial stores, but to units officially distributed in Spain. In our case we have had the problem with a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S although we know that there are other affected models.

Wifi connection without Internet connection

How to solve problems when sharing Wi-Fi on Xiaomi phones

The problem we had was that while we could configure a wireless network to connect to other devices, it did not offer internet access. That is, we could link computers and other mobiles to our Xiaomi but then it was impossible to navigate.

The problem was the configuration of certain system parameters, which affected this function.

How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi sharing

In order to fix this we have to change two configuration parameters, which we must change in:

  • Settings -> SIM cards and mobile networks -> SIM card settings -> Access point names -> Select the one we are using.

Once we are in that section we have to change the APN Type and OMV Type sections.

  • Type of APN: we go from «default, supl» to «default, dun»
  • Type of OMV: we go from «None» to «IMSI»

Once this is done, we restart the mobile and when we create our Wifi Zone again we should be able to connect with the devices that we link to our Xiaomi.