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Google surrenders in instant messenger: close Google Allo

Google is a company that has had great success in many of the businesses it has entered. The search engine and online advertising are possibly the most obvious but Android is, for example, another great success. Also the cartography is a sector in which nothing has gone wrong, with Google Maps as a world reference.

But we have also seen loud failures. One of them is Google Plus. The company of Sergey Brin and Larry Page has never been able to focus well on social networks and that cost him his last attempt.

And the messaging applications are but an extension of this inability to understand the social world in which we live. Today comes the turn to Google Allo, the proposal that was called to be the rival of WhatsApp (sic).

Google closes Google Allo

Google Allo adds the Like option to messages

In April of this year Google announced that it was stopping the development of Allo. At that time we told that Google Allo did not disappear but that all the effort was going to be put in the Messages for Android applications, which formerly only managed SMS and that little by little it becomes the last great social application of Google, especially thanks to the RCS.

Now we know that the application can continue to be used until March 2019, at which time we will be able to download the information we have in it (if we have any).

How to download information from Google Allo

If you are one of those few people who used this application, we recommend that you download the information you have as soon as possible and start using other alternatives. For this you have to:

  • We open Allo
  • Let's go to Menu.
  • We open Settings
  • Click on Chat
  • We select an option:
    • Export chat messages.
    • Export multimedia files of chats (photos and video).

Google HangOut will only have paid services

Google will close Hangouts in 2020 keeping it only in G Suite

As we told you a few days ago, we also see the black future for the HangOuts application for individuals, which was used at the time in conjunction with Gmail and other services of the company.

In a few months (although we don't know when), Google will close this option leaving only Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat, payment services to be integrated in GSuite. However, Google may take these options to free users.