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Google Stadia is now available, receive a surreal advance of live action

The cloud-based game streaming service is finally here.

The Google Stadia game streaming service is now live. The owners of Premiere and Founders Edition should be able to start playing now (existing Chromecast users should wait for an update). In the meantime, check out the odd launch trailer that Google has published for the service.

The basic point is that the console is quite outdated and the games through the cloud now. There are currently 22 titles available for service with some more this year. Reviews for Stadia have varied from mixed to average, but a recent report indicated that pre-orders are below expectations and the service is scheduled to be a "monumental failure."

We will see how this affects the success of the platform in the long term. Currently, Stadia Pro is the only way to play at $ 9.99 per month. A free subscription level will be available next year as the service reaches more territories. As always, stay tuned for more details and updates.

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