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Game of Thrones for Android now available in pre-registration phase

Game of Thrones, a series that raises passions where it passes. Now begins its journey on Android. Are you ready?

Every follower of the Game of Thrones series will surely have felt the need for a few seconds to be in the skin of its protagonists. But that is somewhat cumbersome, full of mud, blood, snow … Maybe we have something to fix it.

And if you look closely at the horizon, it looks something that is coming to our Android devices. No, it's not the new Oreo version, that's another issue. We talked about the official game of the Game of Thrones series. Did we say it is free?

Game of Thones: Conquest

Game of Thrones for Android now available in pre-registration phase

Under this name we have perhaps the game that every follower of the series was waiting for. Enjoy the universe of Game of Thrones, anywhere and everything in your pocket.

We are facing a Massively multiplayer online game -MMO- quite seasoned with strategy dyes. Our story will start from absolute nothingness, starting by building our home. From that point, we must evolve to reach absolute glory.

We will enjoy the beautiful, as well as "politically dangerous" Westeros landscapes, place where we must establish strategic alliances and keep our enemies under control.

Our goal will be to conquer them all, until we see each other sitting on the iron throne and bear the crown that will rule them all. Who can resist ess?

A game that is in pre-registration, with surprises

Game of Thrones for Android now available in pre-registration phase

No, you can't download it and play it right now (or yes), we must have a little patience. The game will officially arrive before 2019, nor will we have to wait too long.

What you can do is pre-register to have the notification as soon as the game is available for download and enjoy. Doing that will not only have a nice notification, it will also be available a pack of "improvements".

You read correctly, the game gives us a pack that is valued at about $ 50. We are talking about something serious for that amount of money, so we detail what it offers us:

  • The exclusive armament of the Guardian of the night.
  • 2 million in resources.
  • 500 gold bars.
  • 24 hours in game advantages.

This will make more than one wait much more bearable until the publication of the game. Are you ready for the conquest of the throne? You can prove it in this long-awaited game.