Galaxy Fold delayed: Why? - Video

Galaxy Fold delayed: Why? – Video

Its one of the creators of the explosive galaxy arrived and seven now comes the dubiously reversible galaxy because Samsung has decided to delay due to problems with the main attraction when flying its legal panel of but.
What were these problems and why did Sam take this decision?
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The week of April fifteen began to give unit of evidence to journalists in the place and influence around the world.
However, not all the alarms began to sound an editor of the villarz.
Report an ambulance has entered glued screens and the appearance of bubbles in it.
Another hundred-missile editor said his galaxy forums had broken the screen and that the department had started for one of the internal halves then the cell phone had begun to monitor until it stopped responding.
And finally a Bloomberg editor said that something similar had passed his cell phone tests then to create problems happen by requiring a film that protects the screen but saints one gave too many explanations on the matter.
Although the unit by definition does not suffer any damage.
Everything seems to indicate that the problems faced by these sensors and other reports will have made the company decide from the beginning of the scheduled sale.
For the April index, although he regrets he had already started saint, he told us in a statement that the problems could be related to the view of the substances and with substance found within the devices, they captured their functioning and although this answer was true.
But it does not make anything clear now we have to wait several more weeks until the company says you are sorry to talk about two thousand dollars.
Going on sale constitute the disappearance. As the galaxy out of seven what he thinks to go through tunes or not through the same channel or connect to ends together with and now does.
To know more details of this new telegram. From Samsung.