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Fortnite Week 10, Season 8: Get through flaming circles

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The challenges of the Fortnite video game of week 10 of the eighth season are literally on fire, thanks to more than entertaining goals that take us to the final stretch of this pirate themed season. Some goals really surprised us, and they seem to be the best way to send us to the ninth season. In general it was quite weak, except for the peak event of Avengers: Endgame, but it seems to end big.

Week 10 of challenges in Fortnite

Fortnite throw yourself through flaming circles 1

As usual, there are a total of seven challenges this week, of which four require a battle pass while the other three are available to everyone. It's a great set of challenges, and you can see them all in our capture up here. Keep in mind that there is only one week left until the launch of the ninth season, so you'll have to act quickly to get the rewards. Now, for the challenge ?Lnzate through flaming circles?, we will have to find those circles.

Fortnite: Get through flaming circles

fortnite throw yourself through flaming circles 3

This challenge asks you to perform the task that the name indicates: throw yourself into the air using a dog through burning circles. In fact, this goal may sound familiar if you're a Battle Royale veteran, since there was a similar one a while ago. Although it was only about going through the circles driving a vehicle.

For this particular one we will use one of the vehicles added at the beginning of season eight: the pirate canons. Going through the circles take some more work to complete than last time, but that's what we are for. We have several tips to share to help you complete this challenge.

To begin, we recommend once again that you do this challenge in Team Rumble mode, for the same reasons as always. You will have fewer enemies to worry about, a bigger team accompanying you, more time, and so on. There is much less pressure in general, so we can't stop recommending it.

Additionally, if you are having problems, be sure to turn on Party Assist mode in the Challenges tab of the Battle Royale lobby. This will allow your partners to complete the challenge with you, and still get credit for it. So be easier to divide it, since there are three circles that you should go through, and complete it faster. Let's start

Flaming Circle Location: Salty Springs

fortnite throw yourself through flaming circles 3

The first of the flaming circles is found in Salty Springs. But while that's where it is, it's not exactly the location you want to land to. Head towards the pirate camp that is just south. It is on top of a small mountain, southwest of Salty Springs and just on the east edge of the edge of the snow biome.

When you arrive, follow the stairs until you reach the top, since that's where the dog is. This is pointing towards a window that is right in the eye of the flaming circle near Salty Springs. We recommend that you do not throw yourself like that, and that you first destroy both that window and the wall, so that you have more space around you.

Then you will have to align the can directly to the circle to the north of your address. To make sure you go through the entire circle, pay attention to the white dot in the middle of the screen. You want to center it with the circle, and then move it up a bit. This is because you will fly in an arc, so descend a little while you approach.

Once you have done so, press the button to launch yourself. The best thing you can do while in the air is not to move at all, so avoid any kind of detour. If you fail, pay attention to what you can do to improve the launch, and try again until you get it.

Location of the flaming circle: Volcano

fortnite throw yourself through flaming circles 4

For the next flaming circle, head north toward the volcano. It is quite a considerable walking distance, but we were able to complete this and the previous circle in the same game. It is worth mentioning that these circles become more complex as you approach the end. Now, you should go to the pirate camp that is right at the base of the volcano.

You can find it southwest of the volcano. Go up the stairs until you reach the top of the fort. There, you will find some canons waiting to be used. Again we recommend that you destroy all the walls that are around to have a better view of where the circle is. It is just a little to the southwest, so be sure to point in that direction.

As before, you should center the white point on the circle and then point a little upwards. But you should move it higher than the previous one, since there is much more distance between the canons and the flaming circle. If you fail, there is no problem, since you can go back up and give it another try.

Flaming Circle Location: Lazy Lagoon

fortnite throw yourself through flaming circles 5

The final location to which we must go is Lazy Lagoon. Fortunately it is quite close to the previous location, so if you have time, we recommend that you go there. The place you are looking for is a pirate camp that is just to the west and just a little northwest of Lazy Lagoon. Once you arrive, head to the top of the fortress.