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Essential Android applications, simple and without complications

We all have an iconic application for very specific uses that we usually install every time we buy a new smartphone or restore the usual one. Now, did you stop to think about the permissions of that application And if it really suits what you need? With this question in mind the developer of Simple Mobile ToolsTibor Kaputa, got down to work and thought: why not create a complete collection of apps that were as clean as possible?

Simple Mobile Tools It is a collection of applications that are characterized by not having ads, being open source, lacking strange permissions and, nothing negligible, its characteristic is also characteristic respect for user privacy. As you can see, they are not very common values ??in the development of Android applications.

Simple apps that are essential for what tasks and that can perfectly replace other popular and recognizable apps. All with the right functions for what you need: because sometimes you take up more space on the mobile with everything superfluous of the applications than for the specific.

Gallery, contacts, notes, launcher? Because everything can be simple and private

Essential Android applications, simple and without strange permissions

The general tonic of Simple Mobile Tools It is to offer your apps for free or at least at a ridiculous price. They are developments of the highest quality that bet on minimalism and simplicity in the interface, even in details such as the launcher that is also available. They are highly recommended apps, especially if you want to escape the lack of privacy of other applications.

The complete list of applications of Simple Mobile Tools is the next:

As you can see, the "Simple" application series offers options for the basic and essential use of any smartphone. They are not apps that are characterized by a radical design or by reloading with options since their intention is just the opposite: solve a problem in the simplest way possible. Hence its name.

You can download all these applications from the developer tab in the Google Play Store. The "Pro" has a reduced cost; what can you save yourself acquiring the version without updating and free. Of course, the developer already warns that these apps are obsolete.