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EOZ ARC headphones, autonomous one day with an impressive design

It is not enough to get some headphones that are of quality, now even looking for options differentials. And this is just what the model offers EOZ ARC, which stands out for several reasons that range from the design it has as the sound quality that exists.

This accessory uses technology Bluetooth to communicate with the sound source, specifically version 5.0. Other good details offered by these headphones in terms of sound are that it is compatible with APTX, since it integrates the chip Qualcomm QCC 3005. In addition, this device offers active noise cancellation and, for this, a dual microphone is integrated -which also allows the device to be used as hands-free-, so that they can be used properly in all kinds of situations, no matter how much trouble there is in the environment.

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In what has to do with the design of the EOZ ARC this is one of the most attractive that exist in the current market (in addition, they only weigh 230 grams, which is pretty good to be a model of headband). The materials used are a aluminum – of own alloy – that is of great resistance and that make these headphones completely different. In addition, use is also made of leather and stainless steel, which allows them to offer a spectacular and very premium look. By the way, this accessory is not lacking protection against water type IPX5.

EOZ ARC headphones design

Interior of EOZ ARC headphones

One of the things that attract attention is that drivers, which are 40 millimeters, are manufactured with graphene which allows a good resistance and, at the same time, lightness. Therefore, it is not surprising that the EOZ ARCs offer an impedance of 160 ohms and, in addition, the frequency range is from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. Therefore, excellent sound quality is offered being compatible with ANC, something that not many devices of this type offer.

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Something very important in wireless headphones, and that is a vital buying factor, is the same as the autonomous. Here the EOZ ARC stand out clearly against the competition, since they allow regular use without having to recharge any 24 hours, something that places them among the best. In addition, the recharge is fast, using a port USB type C who integrates on the side. By the way, if at any given time these headphones run out of energy, it is always possible to connect them via 3.5 mm jack, so you will never run out of listening to music.

Appearance of the EOZ ARC headphones

Get this high quality headphones

If this accessory catches your attention, and do not overlook that they are compatible with the voice assistants most used, can be obtained right now at Kickstarter where you already have the financing completed and will begin shipping in April 2020. The price of the EOZ ARC is as follows: only 81 euros, so it is most interesting to get them right now.