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Download these 3 casual games, top Android on Google Play

3 casual games that are triumphing in the Google Play Store on their own merits. Mortal jumps, throwing knives, a Puzzle Bobble with the birds of Angry Birds … Try them!

It shows that we are in September and that the return to school is ravaging: it is going to the Google Play and being in the first places at simplest games in the entire store. The "casual" triumphs, especially after the return of the holidays: we look for something fast to play and that does not involve difficulties. Do you agree? You are in luck because we have chosen 3 casual games You have to try.

They are at the top of the tops of downloads and scores on their own merits as they offer fun in abundance without your mobile storage exploding. Although yes, all bet on the freemium formula. They are free, yes, but include ads and in-app purchases. You can not have it all.

Flip Master

3 casual games that succeed in Google Play and that you must download

This game is a version of Flip Diving made by the developers themselves. The mechanics are simple: get our jumper does not get stamped while performing tricks in the air. The game already warns at the beginning that it is dangerous to perform the acrobatics in real life, so you already imagine what you should do: press on the screen for the jumper to turn deadly. You will get coins to redeem for prizes and you must compete to get the highest score with the highest number of jumps.

Flip Master It is a simple game to rage that offers nothing but fun for a while. But it is useful to kill time in the moments of business, do not ask for more.

Flippy Knife

Turning the thing goes since in this game we must also launch something on the screen. Although here it is a knife: move between the different phases by launching the collection of knives that offers you Flippy Knife. The success of this casual game is overwhelming: millions of downloads and very few negative ratings, something quite strange for a freemium game.

Flippy Knife is varied, offers a large collection of throwing weapons and, above all, is really fun. A sign that the casual may not be at odds with entertainment.

Angry Birds Match

He left recently and has not got all the recognition he deserves. We have met many players from this Puzzle Bobble Angry Birds, all delighted with the proposal. And it is that Rovio has achieved a great balance between the mechanics of puzzles, the ability hitting the colored balls and the charisma of angry birds. The franchise runs out, but in the meantime, let's enjoy this great casual game.

Angry Birds Match It does not involve any difficulty: you will be playing in second. And you will get hooked on him irremediably, we warn you.