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Deeprealm Odyssey is a casual in which to go down to the depths

Deeprealm Odyssey is a new game for Android that is in beta state and that pretends to be of those casual ones in which it seems that there is no end That is, the game will be extended through those save points that we can access to save the game through an announcement; or what would be the currency of the game.

A very well accepted title in regards to its graphic and technical level, although in the gameplay sometimes we stay a little away of what that dynamism sought in others would be. Dynamism in what would be right in the jumps, jump on an enemy to kill him and then move quickly to another. That is to say, that this fusion between the different movements is lacking so that the games were more dynamic.

Crossing the earth down

Deeprealm Odyssey

Deeprealm Odyssey is a game very well worked in the visual and in which we are placed before a brave warrior commissioning for a fox that will take us through the dark abyss called Deeprealm.

We can select the type of control we want to use to move from one side to another, and use the gestures to make several attacks. We have side and one down to surprise the variety of enemies with whom we will meet in our journey.

In Deeprealm Odyssey we are faced with two distinct areas, at the moment in the beta (and we don't know if there will be more). One is the luxury of the depths of the Mushroom Caves, while the other takes us to a more gothic setting with the Tomb Hall.

Randomly generated levels in Deeprealm Odyssey

Deeprealm Odyssey

When we have talked about the lack of this "union" between the different movements that our character makes, we rely on the levels being randomly generated. That on the one hand it is quite good because that will surprise us at every step, but in a game of this style, creating them by hand, that is to say by hand, means that we can ?spin? the different movements of the player so that a great experience of jumps, attacks and vertical and horizontal displacements is generated.

Deeprealm Odyssey

We also have access to different powerful skills so that our character can withstand touching an enemy, since otherwise it will force us to start the game from the last save point.

We also highlight the variety of enemies that swarm the endless galleries of this game in which each one will have its own characteristics. And all can be eliminated with a skilful gesture of movement to the left, right or down.

A good casual high visual level

Deeprealm Odyssey

Deeprealm Odyssey offers us a good gaming experience and being already in beta surprises. As we know, there will come a new area based on the chaos of a volcano, more enemies, a background story to put a bit of chicha to the game, additional goals, more characters and the possibility of collecting materials to acquire cosmetic objects. That is, we have more to see than this first beta; We encourage you to try Squish Machine, another interesting casual.

Technically Deeprealm Odyssey is a great game. And the truth is that the environments are created in a wonderful way and with a character that is brilliantly designed. Visually it is very attractive and see it on a quality screen, it is an experience to feel and live. We lack that of hand-designed levels, but that's what it is.