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Crossing Void is a turn-based RPG for new generations

Crossing Void is for a whole new generation of players in which manga and anime They are part of your life. A new game for Android from SEGA that brings with it all a great work at the visual level for a turn-based fight that is not bad at all.

Of course, as long as you endure having to play the special skills to leave the rest to our animated characters that will generate special skills with great effects. A luxury of details in animations and graphic effects to display a great experience on the screen.

The gacha of SEGA with anime and manga

Crossing Void

You just have to spend a Saturday afternoon on one of the streets of Madrid with more comic shops to see the great hobby that generates this type of visual and graphic content. In fact, there are more and more stores that open and allow us to spend a whole afternoon looking for that desired comic or manga.

Crossing Void

If we want to continue with the passion that all these animated and illustrated characters mean, Crossing Void is the perfect choice to even have Japanese voices and that put the icing on the cake that SEGA has brought this time with 91 Act.

A turn-based combat game and to which we are already very accustomed, and in which those options are not lacking freemium with a little pay-to-win in order to progress properly and not have to have infinite patience for certain objects and coins.

An authentic Japanese gaming experience with Crossing Void

Crossing Void

Here we have Dengeki Bunko?s masterpieces, a cross between an anime and an RPG based on turn-based combat and that the truth is not bad. Let's see, here we must add to the multimedia experience that is generated between the dialogues, the stories we discover and that part of the fight that will allow us to enjoy greater dynamism to the whole thread that leads us Crossing Void.

Crossing Void

It includes 25 Dengeki Bunko original pieces and we will find the Kirito, Kuroyukihime, Asuna, Shizuo, Izaya, Shana, Mikoto and many more. You can choose them to complete your dream team and thus unlock, collect and update all of them through the journey through which this RPG porridge takes you.

And the PVP is not missing for games against other players. All a stub for so take us through an online multiplayer that for the fans of this game is going to be one of the most important elements. With all those voices, those touches of anime and those ?Japanese? moments, Crossing Void is a title that if you understand it, you will have a scary time.

Great visual display

Crossing Void

So if you go this kind of experiences, the truth that we can say is ten. Surely many, and players of many years, do not understand these gaming experiences, but it is what is coming from companies of substance and with all that related pop culture and that create huge communities of players around these titles.