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Basic features to choose tablet: the minimum requirements


What are the minimum features that your tablet should have today?

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July 17, 2017

Amazon Fire 7

With the evolution that the tablet sector has experienced in recent years, what are the minimum requirements What can we ask a tablet and how they vary depending on the operating system that interests us? What should we try to achieve if we are looking to buy a new one? We review the basic features to choose tablet at this time.

The minimum characteristics that we must demand: first, think of the operating system

The choice of OS It is essential always when choosing a mobile device and among the many aspects in which it is a determining factor are the features that we will need in our tablet. For those who are more passionate about technology, it is an obvious question, but it does not hurt to insist a little on this issue, in any case.

iOS: few factors to consider

With the iPad the question is extremely simple because Manzana coordinates hardware and software and also because we don't have much to choose from. In addition to never losing sight of the fact that we will never have a micro-SD card slot and choose the Storage capacity consequently, the only thing that we must take into account is, in the case that we are going to buy restored or second-hand one of the oldest models, it is if it is among the devices that will continue to be updated, at least in the short term, which basically means confirming that it is in the list of devices that iOS 11 will receive.

second beta of iOS 11

Even this is more a matter of whether or not we want to enjoy the new functions (which we should), because the performance is not going to be the same in each other, of course, but the reality is that they are tablets that age really well, as we saw in the video comparison between the iPad mini with the new iPad 9.7. And, of course, if we want to use the Apple Pencil, we already know that we need one of the Pro, but except for users with a very specific profile this can hardly be considered a minimum requirement.

Windows: the most demanding operating system

With Windows 10 the problem is beginning to get complicated, because here we already have a very large variety of manufacturers and models available and it is important to consider if we are looking for a relatively affordable tablet, which with this operating system, it is quite easy for us to fall short of technical specifications. More advanced users, in fact, often set the limit for a 2 in 1 on an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

windows 10 interface

The reality is that an average user can be fully satisfied with much less, but as we said before, it should be considered a little before betting on one of the cheapest tablets, which arrive with up to 2 GB of RAM and even only 32 GB of storage. It is necessary to think, with respect to the latter, for example, that Windows 10 It can easily occupy more than 20 GB. If we are not willing to make a significant investment we will have to settle for a processor Intel Atom and if we don't use too demanding programs we won't have problems, but we should try to get 4GB of RAM and at least 64 GB of storage.

Android: the limit of cheap tablets

With Android we have an even more complex problem than with Windows because the diversity of models is much greater, and since it is a much lighter operating system, many more manufacturers have tried to minimize the hardware requirements to launch tablets as cheap as possible, and the reality is that the odd one has gotten over the line. In our guide cheap tablets We did a more extensive review of what we should demand from a tablet to not find that, however small, our investment has proved useless, but we can highlight some basic issues.

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