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Arkanoid Rising is a unique experience of the legend in your mobile

Arkanoid Rising comes to Android with a new edition that it honors everything that this game has devised in its day by Taito and that this time also bears his seal; At least it appears in the game credits when you throw it.

A renewed title and that brings all the spirit of the original Arkanoid, but with all the advantage of the new graphics and a whole series of elements in the gameplay that makes each game a renewed experience. We would like to take other studies with renowned games on your property so seriously.

The Arkanoid of always renewed but well

Arkanoid Rising

And so, we have Arkanoid Rising like what was that Arkanoid that got hooked to a series of generations They had the chance to go to recreation rooms. One of those recreational was Arkanoid de Taito and with that futuristic bar one was able to bounce the balls that were shot again to break those strategically placed blocks.

This game base is the same as we have in Arkanoid Rising, but with the big difference that here visually visual language is a success used by Taito. We will have the option to see digital spaces navigate to that bar that becomes the protagonist and will pass from one level to another as if it were the same ship that explores the sidereal space.

If we say that the game base is the same, we will have to control that bar laterally to hit those blocks that make up the level. When there is none left, we will move on to the next one.

Everything from Hatch in Arkanoid Rising

Arkanoid Rising

The interesting thing about Arkanoid Rising is that we are going to have a great variety of powers, and that some were already in the original, to have several balls hitting at the same time, while we try not to lose any, or that firing mode that allows us to destroy blocks faster. There is a great variety of super powers, so we encourage you to discover them yourself by trying this great game.

Arkanoid Rising

Another interesting point of Arkanoid Rising is that you only have it available from the Hatch gaming platform. We will talk in depth about it in the next few days, but it will be from its app from which you can play this Arkanoid game. The good thing about it is that, apart from being able to play for free, you can compare your progress with that of thousands of players who are also playing this Taito title.

That said, as we progress, so we will have a level of difficulty that is progressing adequately. The thing is that we try to finish the level before the stipulated time in order to get the three gems of each level. Add a limited amount of gems, we can move on to the next league and thus continue exploring their environments.

that's how things are done

Arkanoid Rising

We repeat that we would like them to treat live gaming legends thus. Many, like Capcom and his Megaman, have managed to get us to hate how badly their ports are done. When all you have to do is rebuild it from scratch and update it to today's visuals to have wonders like this Arkanoid.

And so, Arkanoid Rising is a visual wonder in which we highlight the perspective used to have a greater view of the level board, those special effects that are generated when some of the balls hit the blocks and that environment that stands as the best scenario for the games of this fabulous casual arcade. A visual and technical feat and in which the perfect sound is not lacking for create a unique gaming experience on your mobile.