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Android is about to get a faster battery charge than iPhone 11

When charging at speeds of up to 65 W, the Reno Ace is the only phone in the world that reaches such speeds. The affordable flagship phone, if you can find it in stores, only needs half an hour to replace the 4,000 mAh battery. But that is not the fastest phone charging technology. Other Chinese smart phone vendors have been causing speeds that reach 100W, and even exceed it. And it seems that the first phone that could support a 100W load could arrive soon.

Vivo's FlashCharge technology supports speeds of up to 120W, while Xiaomi's Super Charge Turbo charges 100W. The two companies announced these charging technologies a few months ago, and it seems that Xiaomi is ready to move forward with the launch of a real product.

A 100 W charger will require only 17 minutes to recharge a 4,000 mAh battery in its entirety, which is certainly impressive. That is a decent battery capacity for 2019 phones. But the battery capacity does not matter so much if you can charge the battery in less than half an hour. A problem that nobody explained so far concerns the health of the battery. It is not clear how regular charging sessions at a full speed of 100 W will degrade the battery.

Image source: GizChina

When it comes to Xiaomi's first 100-watt phone, GizChina speculates that Mi Mix 4 could be chosen for the function. A fast charger is not enough to recharge the battery in less time. The device also has to support the new speeds.

The blog saw images of Weibo that promote Xiaomi battery technology, complete with the Super Charge Turbo brand for 100W speed. This seems to be an indication that Xiaomi's first 100-watt phone will soon be released. The Weibo publication in question says that Xiaomi's 100-watt fast charger with cable should reach stores next year.

While only some of Xiaomi's future phones will work at a total speed of 100 W, it is likely that the device can recharge other USB-C devices, such as tablets and laptops. In addition, the charger must be compatible with other phones that support faster charging at speeds between 30W and 65W. And, theoretically, you can charge iPhone 11 phones up to 18W, when used with a Lightning to USB-C cable. However, that is only speculation at this time, since Xiaomi has not yet announced the full specifications of the product.

Source: BGR