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a new option in the basic range


Honor Play Pad 2 7: a new option in the basic range

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July 25, 2017

play pad 2 7

Just yesterday we tried to answer the question of what it was the best cheap tablet that we can buy today and just today we discover that we have a new contender in this fight: Honor Play Pad 2 7, the smallest of the range, has just seen the light with some important claims that are worth considering.

The Honor Play Pad 2 family grows

We have just been reviewing these days of chinese tablets and, although the range Honor We do not normally include them among them, yes there are some models of their tablets that we will only be able to get through the import. Among them (at least for now) are the Honor Play Pad 2 which we talked about a few weeks ago, and that had been released in two versions, one of 8 inches and another of 10 inches, becoming an even more affordable alternative to the already economic ones MediaPad T3 of the same sizes.

New Honor Play Pad 2: Huawei launches two Android tablets ms

New Honor Play Pad 2: Huawei launches two Android tablets ms

However, the family was not going to be reduced to these two models, as we discovered now, since another version with a 7-inch screen has been announced today, which is logically going to be even cheaper. Its starting price for China, in fact, is one of those difficult to resist: 599 yuan, which in exchange would only be about 80 euros, (reducing the already very adjusted price of the 8-inch model by about 20 euros).

Honor Play Pad 2 7: one more alternative in the field of ultra low-cost

If your older sisters, as we say, presented themselves as an interesting alternative in the field of the mid-basic range, with this we entered fully into the tough competition of the ultra low cost. Above all we lose in resolution (the others are HD) and the option of getting a higher configuration with more RAM or storage, since it seems that only a version of this is going to be marketed Honor Play Pad 2 7.

honor tablets "width =" 600 "height =" 448 "srcset =" 600w, https: // tabletzona .es / app / uploads / 2017/07 / honor-play-pad-2-7-300x224.jpg 300w, 7-445x332.jpg 445w "sizes =" (max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px

It has, however, a few tricks in its favor to invite us to bet on it instead of the most popular Fire 7 or the most recent MediaPad T3 7also from Huawei. We are going to have to settle for Android Marshmallow (with customization EMIU4.1) and the resolution does remain as usual in this price range, with 1024 x 600 pixels With the Honor Play Pad 2 7However, we will be able to count, for example, on 2 GB of RAM and, which is also very important, with 16 GB of storage capacity, something really uncommon among the cheapest tablets. The cameras are from 2 MP both (it also has in the back) and the battery are of 3100 mAH, a figure that seems quite correct considering its size.

Waiting for you to buy from our country

As we say, it is fresh out of the oven in China, so we will have to wait to get it from here and then we can check how much its price rises with the import, but it is certainly worth not losing sight if we are thinking about buy one cheap tablet.