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A mobile that bets on design and functionality

The world of smartphones does not stop and the novelties presented by the manufacturers are increasingly revolutionary. This time we will talk about Huawei's new bet, the P8, a team with which the brand hopes to compete in the high spheres of the market.

Presented in the Billingsgate building in London, a place recognized worldwide as a space for art and fashion, the Huawei P8 is a device that combines technology, elegance, ease of use and an exclusive camera with revolutionary light features.

"The goal of Huawei P8 is to become the easiest to use and most intuitive smartphone for consumers worldwide," said Richard Yu, CEO of the Huawei Consumer Unit.

"Thanks to an in-depth market research, the company has addressed the points of interest that high-end device users claim with greater insistence," he said.

Yu indicated that the P8 is designed to offer the user a revolutionary experience, especially in terms of network connectivity and its camera. For the creation of this equipment, Huawei relies on the results obtained in market research of the P series and it is for this reason that they ensure that the device become one of the most notorious smartphones among consumers in 2015 ?.


With dimensions of 144.9 x 71.8 x 6.4 mm, the P8 has a 5.2-inch IPS Neo screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which achieves a pixel density of 424 ppi The P8 is built in aluminum and in one piece, with a three-layer design with the appearance of a shark gill that improves the reliability and robustness of the device.

Software and Hardware

The P8 incorporates the new Kirin 930 64-bit eight-core processor, which improves performance by 20% compared to other devices with similar levels of battery life.

The team offers a unique touch screen experience by allowing full screen captures with just double click with the tip of the finger or with the knuckle, as well as capture content quickly by drawing a circle on the screen. In addition, the mobile voice search feature allows users to contact the device in case they have lost it and it responds through their loudspeaker.

Huawei P8 also has innovative voice and sound features. In noisy spaces, users can increase the volume up to 58% over normal and in a windy environment, the smartphone can eliminate 90% of the sound of this when using headphones with a single microphone. In addition, the hands-free function allows high-quality calls to be made within a two-meter radius, while an integrated audio decoder chip allows you to double the volume of the music with the same quality.

As for connections, the device It has dual 4G SIM, with two card slots, which accept any format. Also, once the mobile has been identified and connected with a Bluetooth device, such as Huawei TalkBand B2, it can be unlocked automatically without entering a password. In addition, with an optional electronic ink display on the back of the device, the rear metal cover can become an electronic book in a matter of seconds.

Camera with revolutionary light features

The new P8 presents a new philosophy in the design of its cameras. It has a camera optimized for low light conditions, high contrast and take advantage of the perfect combination of hardware, software and exclusive algorithms that allow users to capture excellent photographs, even with the worst lighting conditions.

Thanks to the incorporation of an OIS stabilizer of up to 1.2, the device can shoot high-quality photos and videos, as well as manage the camera movement so that images are always sharp. It has a four-color RGBW sensor to improve brightness by 32% in high-contrast lighting situations and reduce it by 78% in low-light environments. Additionally, the independent DSLR image processor allows you to reduce noise when shooting and intelligently detect spaces with high light contrasts.

The team has four modes for poor lighting environments which allow users to access virtual photos or studio videos. One of them is the graffiti light mode, which takes advantage of the manual shutter of the Huawei P8 camera to capture wide swaths of light. You can capture a ferris wheel in motion at night and convert the beams of light into currents that make up an artistic photograph. Users can ?paint? the light of their own freehand photographs and even access a light preview mode that allows them to experience, creatively, with sources of light in the dark.

On the other hand, the director mode of the Huawei P8 is the first professional video capture function in the market. This allows the user to direct and control up to three different Android devices when a video scene is captured from four angles simultaneously and also supports synchronizing the editing of the recording. The Huawei P8 also has a new mode, selfie, which allows predefined image enhancement settings to capture and customize the images taken.

Mobile connectivity improvement

Huawei also has improved some weak points in their equipment such as call interruption and signal degradation in calls. With Huawei's Signal + technology, the powerful compact double antenna design and fast switching technology allow the device to intelligently recognize the best mode of use. When one end of the antenna is covered and the signal weakens, Huawei P8 can instantly switch to the other end of the antenna faster than traditional smartphones, so it ensures the maintenance of a strong signal connection. In addition, devices with Signal + technology increase the speed of the call connection, even when users are traveling on a train at a speed of up to 300 km / h.

For those users who normally travel by plane and when their devices take time to connect when landing at the airport, Huawei P8 increases the speed of connection to a roaming network. Thanks to international roaming test data in more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia and Asia, and with a roaming network optimized for 4G, Huawei P8 allows synchronizing with the services of roaming network approximately three times faster than with a normal mobile.