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A mobile application detects anemia without a blood test

We usually talk about the benefits of the smartphone when communicating, working and having fun, but there is a fundamental aspect that often escapes us: the mobile also serves to prevent, and control, health. Even without installing separate hardware, as the engineers of the Georgia Tech and researchers from Emory University School of Medicine.

Until now, to detect anemia in patients, several blood tests had to be performed after collecting a blood sample from the patient. This involves the prick, the collection of blood, the transfer, the wait for the diagnosis to be carried out … Well: with an app and a simple photo This complicated process is supplemented by obtaining an accurate detection of anemia.

Take a picture of your nails with your mobile and the application tells you if you have anemia and your hemoglobin levels

A mobile application detects anemia without a blood test

Nature's picture

It may seem like science fiction, but the anemia detection through an app It exists and has been published in a paper through Nature. The process is as simple as we have explained: forget about the punctures and use complicated external machines for diagnosis since a simple photo with the mobile phone is enough for you to know what are your hemoglobin levels, keys in the detection of anemia.

The application created by engineers and researchers, that cannot be downloaded from anywhere, scan the nail spots (in addition to other parts of the body, such as the palm of the hand or tongue) to measure them and contrast them with an algorithm, key in the detection. The algorithm is so precise that ensures the same truth than the medical tests that were done so far.

Although the application and algorithm have been tested for operation not yet available commercially: We will have to wait until the spring of 2019 to see the first mobile applications. The researchers managed to test its use with a group of people composed of 337 individuals and ensure that it works regardless of skin tone. In addition, the application is able to learn, so it will improve its operation with use.

The anemia detection with a simple photo It is the example of the enormous capabilities that smartphones have in order to prevent and control our health. With an important addition: given the accessible price they are invaluable help in those countries where there are not enough economic resources.