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A casual called Stretchy Legs in which to go for your beloved

Stretchy Legs is a new casual good fun and in which you must stretch your legs well to get to the next block. After a few you can reach your beloved or beloved who are waiting for you at the "other shore".

A very graceful title for how curious that is to stretch the leg with the appropriate length so we can get to the next block. A freemium title with a lot of publicity, especially if you see ads when you fall and want to finish the circuit.

To stretch your legs in Stretchy Legs

Stretchy Legs has all that casual touch, but with a touch of romance having to reach your beloved or beloved who will be waiting for you on the other shore. Come on, if you never arrive, he will continue waiting for you, showing all the love he has for you. So you will not be less and you will have to work it out to show that love is shown in acts better than in words.

Stretchy Legs

So we headed towards some cubic characters and that are distinguished by the great variety of them. We can unlock them as we go through levels and discovering that there are also many others with the most "romantic" environments possible. From the typical disk drive to those pyramids where we can confess how much we are in love with our long steps.

The game base is very simple, since only we have to press on the screen so that our character start to lengthen the leg as if it were plasticine. The greater the length, the greater the distance we will reach, so with a few minutes we will take the game to find our beloved on the other side.

With many levels

The difficulty in Stretchy Legs It is in the size and distance between the blocks. There are huge even the smallest, while others will be further. There are also within walking distance, so we will almost have to press the screen and quickly release so that our character reaches the block.

Stretchy Legs

So we will be passing levels and unlocking that amount of characters, both male and female with full freedom to choose our predilection to the same gender on the contrary, as well as some levels that really put the icing on a game that can be silly, but has that point of addiction that forces us to continue and follow; We have already said it, everything is for our beloved.

If you are going to pull the commercials when you fall and you have little to reach your beloved, remember that you have up to 3 ads before you have to start the level again. You are going to swallow just under 2 minutes of ads, but at least you can give that expected kiss to your beloved who awaits you with a big smile from ear to ear; How are you going to see those ads, please.

Walking you reach Rome

A game that also looks like the base of the game to Walk Master and his crazy goat, but here we have to know how to handle some stilts. A casual in essence for those who want to have a fun time without much more than this, since we are facing a game with its limitations.

Stretchy Legs

Technically he lets himself play and has that tip to see how the leg is extended to reach the block. There are enough different levels for it not to be monotonous, and being able to choose a wide variety of costumes and characters gives it its one.

A casual title for Android called Stretchy Legs and that comes to make boring people fall in love. If you are looking for your partner in the virtual worlds, you may have it from this game in which love is the first, your elongated steps the second and the third not to fall into the water so that your beloved thinks that you are not the right one to have A joyful life with her.