9 Android games made in France that you can download by paying whatever you want

9 Android games made in France that you can download by paying whatever you want

Humble Bundle is famous for offering video game packs for the price we want to give. And today we offer 9 games made in France for Android, perfect to have fun for a while.

Our Android smartphones and tablets have become one more way to play video games. It is no longer something exclusive of computers or consoles, the phone we carry in our pocket is an equally capable platform. And there are thousands of games made for our mobiles that innovate, tell us stories and entertain us.

We've talked a lot about Humble Bundle in The Free Android: a page that offers us game packs for what we want to pay. A part of that amount goes to developers, another part goes to charity, and another goes to Humble as commission. And not only can we choose how much to pay, we can also adjust how much each part takes, even being left to zero.

Live La Humble Bundle Mobile: 9 games made in France

This time Humble brings us a pack of games made in France for our Android. In total there are nine, divided into three classes, and we find all kinds of titles and genres. The only thing they all have in common is their French origin.

If you are interested, you can access the Humble Bundle page to get the pack. They accept credit cards, PayPal accounts and Amazon accounts to pay. Then we tell you all the games that appear in this pack.

Pay € 0.83 or more and you will receive…

  • Mechanic Escape | You will have to play a kind of human cannon in this platform game. The mission is to rescue our lost friends along levels where we cannot stop.

  • Pang Adventures | Out of the nineties, Pong Adventures is the classic game in which we have to destroy the bubbles without reaching us.

  • unWorded | Puzzles and an interactive story told in a very particular way. unWorded is complicated to explain, it is better to watch the video to understand it.

Pay more than the average (€ 4.04) or more and you will receive …

  • Out There: Ω Edition | Special exploration, resource management, interactive fiction … surviving in space is not a simple task, and that is what we have to do in this game.

  • Sanitarium | A classic scary game. Do not be fooled by their graphics, get scary. Will you get away from the asylum?

  • OK Golf | Most relaxed golf. The contrast with the previous game is remarkable, but there is nothing better to relax and play for a while among pixelated nature.

Pay € 4.20 or more and you will receive…

  • Gobliiins Trilogy | Another adaptation of a classic game for our Android. It is a compilation of three games to explore on screen to advance the story.

  • A Normal Lost Phone | This game simulates that we have met a phone on the street, and we have to investigate to know who it belongs to.