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20 methods to save battery on your Apple Watch

When the first generation of the Apple Watch went on sale, many users focused the critics on their short battery life that, instead of lasting the 18 hours of average use promised, only achieved a disappointing 11 hours.

It is true that, according to our own experience, this duration is somewhat longer as we learn to manage the battery. In addition, this is also superior with Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 models, although they continue to promise the same 18 hours.

Be that as it may, surely all consumers of the smartwatch Apple will want to know tips and tricks that will allow them to optimize the device's battery to the maximum. Here are 20 methods to save energy.

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How long can an Apple Watch's battery last?

As we say, the Apple's official website ensures that the battery of your smartwatch It can last up to 18 hours, although they specify that it depends on usage, configuration and other factors, so that the actual results of the user may vary.

To reach this conclusion, Apple used a first generation device linked to an iPhone and was able to check the time 90 times, check notifications 90 times, use an app for 45 minutes and perform a physical activity session for 30 minutes while I listened to music via Bluetooth.

These statistics may be true for the Apple Watch Series 1, but our results are somewhat better with later models even though the company continues to ensure the same 18 hours.

In fact, our tests conclude that the Apple Watch Series 2 is capable of operating for 54 hours, between which we count two nights and, therefore, a reduced use of light. The Series 3 model lasted 39 hours, in which we included an entire night.

For all this, and to be safe, it is advisable to charge the smart watch at least once every two days, something you can do while you sleep. You should do it daily if you have a Series 1 or use the call feature often with Series 3.

In case your results are significantly away from those mentioned, you may need to visit the technicians of your nearest Apple store, although the tips we present in this article can also help you.

Tips and tricks to make your Apple Watch battery last longer

Here are the 20 tricks that will help you save energy from your smartwatch Manzana. Among them, you will find very basic tips, such as taking a look at the remaining battery, and others that will surprise you with their effectiveness in more desperate situations.

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Tip 1. Check the remaining battery percentage

Tip 1. Check the remaining battery percentage