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Xiaomi patents folding phone with triple fold design »ERdC

Xiaomi patents folding phone with triple fold design

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A few months ago Xiaomi launched its Mi Mix Alpha phone with great expectation in September 2019. The aforementioned device has a very striking design based on a flexible screen that wraps around the entire body of the terminal, obtaining more than 180% screen-body relationship. The next logical stage to an ace device will become a phone with flexible screen that could be folded at will. In fact, the company showed videos of a functional prototype earlier this year. Now a recent Xiaomi patent on the CNIPA from China gives us an idea of ??what we might expect in the future. And it seems that the version of Next generation of the Mi Mix Alpha will be based on the folding mobile which they showed earlier this year.

Xiaomi folding phone patent similar to MIX Alpha

It is said that it will be a new MIX Alpha simply because it closely resembles the basic design of the Alpha concept. The new Xiaomi patent show two hinges what allow the phone fold down on both sides. The basic design is similar to the triple folding prototype that Xiaomi showed a few months ago. One side of the phone presents a strip that houses the camera configuration. When folded, this black strip is a bit off-center, which is almost exactly like the Mi Mix Alpha. The only big difference here is that the Alpha concept is in a permanently folded state, while this can be transformed into a kind of tablet.

Quiz is asking you right now Why this patent looks like the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. This is because the Xiaomi folding phone project and the Mi Mix Alpha share the same series of internal codes. The two projects they developed simultaneously, but the company was able to overcome the technical challenges associated with the Mi Mix Alpha project first, which allowed them to announce the Alpha with surround screen first.

Other Xiaomi patents for folding phones

Xiaomi has a couple of other foldable smart phone patents. One shows a device with a configuration of five pop-up cameras. In another they show us a cover phone design in the style of Motorola's Razr Moto. While these are only patents, we hope that Xiaomi will launch a foldable smart phone to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X at some time in the future.


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