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Word, Excel and PowerPoint on iPad with the OnLive Desktop App

No one doubts that the iPad It is a fantastic tool, but you still have to improve on some things. Some companies still do not dare to make the leap to the Apple tablet because it is not able to execute, even if there are alternatives, tools such as the suite Microsoft Office. The new App ofOnLive It has come to change that.

OnLive Desktop, which is what the App in question is called, allows you to run the native versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Windows 7 on the Cupertino tablets. As if this were not enough, the application also allows you to use a virtualized version of Windows 7. All from the apple tablet.

OnLive puts the servers, software and streaming that reaches the interface of the App for iPad and, although it may not seem, the app behaves like a charm.

OnLive iPad

The new applicationOnLive DesktopFor Apple iPad it works completely online, so, yes, it requires an Internet connection to use its services.

Presentation of OnLive on video:

The App OnLive Desktop for iPad is totally FREE but, for the moment, it is only available, as we have already commented, in the US App Store. We do not think it takes a long time to reach Spain, but you never know …

OnLive Give a lot to talk … And if not, at the time.

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