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Woman and over 50? Facebook does not offer you financial announcements (and you have been sued)

Facebook ads discriminate by age and genderFacebook ads discriminate by age and gender. Bigstock

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Facebook It faces a new class action lawsuit accused of discriminating against older women by not offering them financial announcements such as opening accounts, insurance, investments and loans.

The lawsuit that was initiated by Neutah Opiotennione, 54 years old and resident in Washington, D.C. Facebook has deprived you of information and announcements about financial services due to its age and gender.

Of what
he is accused

the document introduced in the federal court of San Francisco, the social network
continues to allow financial service advertisers to discriminate against
recipients of your ads by age and gender despite there are actions
precedents that prohibit it at least in the case of other types of ads.

done this permissiveness on the part of the company based in Menlo Park, viola
civil rights, so it has been exposed to a fine of thousands of
millions of dollars in potential damages to users nationwide $ 4,000
per affected user.

In a
Reuters interview, Peter Romer-Friedman, lawyer for
plaintiffs, explained that the internet is not the place to discriminate against the
people by their age or gender particularly when it comes to opportunities for
financial services.

As stated ?It will be as if General Motors refused to offer women or older people the same characteristics in a vehicle as that offered to men or young people.

Facebook response

explained that they are reviewing this claim, because their policies
effectively prohibit discrimination for a long time and claim to be
proud of the advances in the area.

demand comes seven months after the social network was pointed out by
allow your ad system to discriminate based on age, gender and area of
residence to owners, employees and tenants when offering
Ads about credits, jobs or rentals.

At that time Sheryl Sandberg COO of the platform assured that the changes will protect users as one of its fundamental values ??is inclusion.

More can be done

the changes are being implemented, the demand ensures that it is still allowed to
financial services discriminate ads by age segments and
gender, as well as other features.

Although it is recognized that Facebook has improved in these aspects, experts
ensure that there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially before the power
advertising that represents, being the second seller of online ads to
world level