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WhatsApp improves the sending of files, stickers and groups

WhatsApp improves the sending of files, stickers and groups

One of the advantages of joining the application test programs in Google Play is to be able to test first-hand the news of our favorite apps. And if there is one that is all the rage among most users, WhatsApp.

Since Facebook bought the company we have seen how the implementation of news has accelerated, especially in this version of tests. In the last one published, 2.18.373, we have changes in the stickers, improvements in the groups and some function that is not activated yet but for which there is little left.

Group calls with a button

One of the novelties that affect the groups is the inclusion of the call button at the top of them. This way we can start a group call easily, as we do with individual contacts.

File submission improvements

A few days ago we explained how WhatsApp was improving the way of sending messages to multiple recipients, when we used the Android share menu. Now this improvement also reaches the archives, allowing us to check that we are sending what we want and even letting us hear the audios before sending them.

This function is already in the code but is not yet active, so we will have to wait a bit.

Search for stickers

The stickers have not been around for a long time but they are liking them a lot. What happens is that it is something messy to look for them. For now the search engine is not activated although it is in development. However, we can use a trick to find the perfect sticker.

We have to click on a sticker that we have received, then click on See more and when the sticker pack opens we will see a magnifying glass in the left area, which will allow us to find the sticker we want. It is rare that they have activated this option here but not in the main area but it is this kind of thing that we see in the beta versions.

If you want to install this APK you can download it from APKMirror but if you like WhatsApp betas we recommend that you join the test group in the Play Store.