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WhatsApp confirms a serious security flaw that affects several versions

WhatsApp on iPhone

Facebook and WhatsApp have confirmed a serious security hole in the application, both in its version for iOS and Android, and the only way to solve it is by updating the app to the latest version. This vulnerability affects the versions of iOS before 2.19.100 and those of Android before 2.19.274. It also affects WhastApp Business, in iOS to versions prior to 2.19.100 and in Android to versions prior to 2.19.104.

According to the Internet Security Office, this vulnerability could be exploited through a video, in MP4 format, maliciously manipulated. By sending this video to the victim, hackers will be able to run malicious code on the device remotely and have access to victim's personal information.

The last update solves this problem

The last available version of WhatsApp in the App Store is 2.19.112 and it has already corrected the security breach. So what we recommend is that you go to the updates section of the App Store, if you are on iOS 13 and do not know how we tell you here, and check that you have updated WhatsApp. Or you can also click on the link to the app if you are on your iPhone.

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On the other hand, and as we told you a few days ago, this version of WhatsApp, 2.19.112, seems to be giving some battery problems to certain users. Something that should also be corrected with an update that has not yet arrived.

It is not the first time that important security errors are detected in WhatsApp and at least the company has reacted more or less quickly solving this error with an updateHowever, there are still millions of people who may be affected by this problem. As recommended to your acquaintances, both with iPhone and Android, update the WhatsApp app as soon as possible.