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We explain how to change the Bixby button on Samsung phones

Let's be honest: although Bixby the virtual assistant of Samsung is powered by a specific key on the phones, the vast majority prefers the versatility and responsiveness provided by the powerful Google Assistant. And if you are not going to use that key for what was originally designed, we want to give you an option: we will explain how to change the Bixby button and give it the most convenient use.

How to change the Bixby button

The dedicated button for Bixby is incorporated in the different devices of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S9 and S8 ranges. If you are one of the users who consider that you are not giving it the use it deserves and that you could take advantage of it in another way, in this guide we offer you a solution.

Reassign the Bixby button

You should keep in mind that the Bixby button always open the Samsung virtual assistant. The update only allows you to start another application by pressing or double tapping. Whichever option you choose, the other always be to run Bixby. Also, if you press and hold the button, Bixby walkie-talkie mode will start. Although there is no native way for the button to allow you to open the Google Assistant, there are some alternatives that we will see below.

When deciding whether to execute the change with one or two touches, go to Settings> Advanced functions> Bixby key. We recommend choosing Press twice to open Bixby, since in this way you should only touch the button once to start the application of your choice. Choose Use a single press and then press the settings cone next to Open application. Search the list for the program you want to run and that's it! You successfully reassigned the Bixby button.

You also saw the option of Execute a quick command when you touch the Bixby key. These commands allow you to activate a series of actions on your phone when you say a phrase. For example, if you say "I am driving", you can disable Wi-Fi on your phone, activate Bluetooth and play a list of songs. If you create a quick command for the Bixby key, it will not be necessary for you to say the action out loud, but only to touch the button. However, since there are high chances of accidentally pressing the Bixby key, it is always best to use the double press.

Reassign the Bixby key to open the Google Assistant

If you use Google Assistant a lot, you can start it with the dedicated Bixby button. There is a way to do it, although you will need to download an external application, something that can always be a cause for concern, in terms of security. The application and instructions come from XDA Developers.

First, we recommend that you go to Configuration> Biometric data and security> Install unknown applications and touch Chrome or Samsung Internet, according to your default browser. Activate Allow from this source. You can change it again when you finish, but this process is what allows the browser to download unidentified files, which is necessary if you want to start the Google Assistant with the Bixby key.

Now go to this link and download the XDA Bixby Remapper APK. We tried it on different phones and the process worked smoothly. Follow the instructions to download the application and then install it.

Once you do, go back to Settings> Advanced functions> Bixby key. I touched Use press simple and then in the settings cone next to Open application. Now look for the application called Bixby Button Assistant Remapper. That's it.

Press the Bixby button and you must choose between opening the Google Assistant or Bixby. Choose Google Assistant and then press Always, which will ensure that Google?s smart advisor will always run when you press the Bixby key.

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