Galaxy Note 10+

We analyze the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ after 2 months of use

We passed by the review to Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and that includes video, to say that after using it for 2 months, it is simply the perfect mobile today. Surely in some places there are mobiles that improve it, but if we take the proportion and balance of what is this mobile device itself, few approach it.

Samsung has been able to define this series Note with 10, for bring everything that has characterized it over the years and package it In such a compact device. And that's why we say that if you had never tried the Note series, because of the size, weight or larger screen, do not hesitate with the 10+. In fact, of the two, Note 10 and Note 10+, we openly recommend the latter. And that costing a little more. We will show what we found this great Samsung phone; and more when perhaps it is the last to merge with the Fold next year.

What matters

Note 10 Plus instagram

Simply we keep the telephone set as the first feature to pass before the big screen that Samsung mounts on the Galaxy Note 10. Another detail that we do not miss is how they have managed to put so much in so little weight. That is, we talk about a mobile phone with 6.78 screen. If we compare it to other phones, the Note 10 earns and the truth is that if you have to move with a phone with that screen, the day to day, if it weighs more, it can become a bit uncomfortable until you become to the.

The usability is perfect and we are facing a phone that as the weeks go by you will fall in love with it. As with the Galaxy s10. It is mainly due to the great variety of different elements that we have and that add experiences over time. You will like it at the beginning, but after the months it will be your precious object of your day to day telling yourself on a few occasions what Samsung has achieved-

Weight: Samsung gets the amazing

Note 10+

We have a section for this feature for a simple reason. The mobiles each time they have more screen and try to have a bigger battery to weigh the day to day with that list of functions, that if AOD, that if Dolby Atmos, that if stereo sound, games, etc.

It's great to have a big screen mobile, but and the weight. You will bear to make it to him, or it will cost you by his weight almost needing weeks in which your hand can hold it. In this case we have the Note 10+ that without cover It weighs very little for the screen and the mounting equipment. In fact one wonders what Samsung has done to put so much in so little space. The thing changes when you put a cover, because those extra grams if that is the difference in feeling that it is a heavier mobile. But it will be a matter of days when we get to him.

Weight comparison Note 10+ with iPhone 11 Pro Max and OnePlus 7 Pro

In fact here we can feel like other mobiles that are next to it, such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which are heavy, and that when they are put on a cover, it almost feels like lifting a slab. In fact the iPhone 11 Pro Max weighs even more than the OnePlus 7 Pro, to stay with a Note 10+ that is much lighter and that at the end of the day, it shows. And thick is just as fair to continue thinking the same as before, you can not put so much in so little place. Samsung has done it.

iPhone 11 Pro Max
 OnePlus 7 Pro
 Galaxy Note 10+

screen 6.5 ” 6.67 ” 6.8 ”
Weight 226 grams 206 gr 196 gr.

Design: elegance on the front

Note 10+ front

Samsung has done it again to prove that you can go from that ugly thing called notch to have a single screen hole which makes the front very elegant. If we add to this the minimum bevels, we are facing a very elegant front and of great presence.

The rear is glass and there we can see the size of the three cameras. Being placed laterally, without a case, the phone tilts a bit when we leave it on a flat surface. It seems that it doesn't matter, but it does. Very simple, you will use the S Pen and do it on a tilting phone, it does not give the same experience.

Everything is fixed when we put a case like Samsung's own silicone, Now it is flat and we can take notes and draw perfectly with our note.