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Twitter already allows you to hide the responses to your tweets

The news is coming to Twitter, although they do it with droppers since lately it does not receive many improvements and updates. But whatever it is, now Twitter allows us to hide the answers Let them be made to our tweets.

This novelty refers to the direct answers (those that appear in correlation with our tweet), not the answers made with comments.

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This new feature has created a small debate and has confronted 3 groups, which do not care if they can hide the answers, those who feel that it is an obstruction to freedom of expression and those who are satisfied with these changes.

It does not matter to be from one side or another, since this novelty that Twitter has launched is not visible to others. That is, that alone the author of the tweet is the one who can hide the answers, and other users of the social network, you can continue seeing the answers if you wish.

Answers are not deleted, just "hide", and the option to see hidden answers appears. In the following paragraphs we will explain how to access the hidden answers.

To have available this last feature that Twitter has launched, it is convenient update the bluebird social network to its latest version, both on Android and iOS.

How can I see the hidden answers?

In a couple of captures we will explain how to have access to the answers that the author of the original tweet has decided to hide:

  1. When we are facing the tweet, we must click in the upper right corner. Ah we will get a warning if the author has hidden or not some answers.

Image - Twitter now allows you to hide the responses to your tweets

  1. In case you have done so, now we must click where we indicate in the lower capture and show us the hidden answers.

Image - Twitter now allows you to hide the responses to your tweets

Thus, the author of the tweet gets rid of reading evil and hurtful responses, as usually happens when you are a user is exposed publicly.

Now, as we have said, touch update Twitter to the last version. In this way we will have access to the new feature that today presents us where we hide answers. Leave us in comments, What do you think Twitter allows to hide the responses to a tweet?

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