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Twitter already allows you to activate authentication in two phases without using a phone number

A few hours ago Twitter announced a functionality that many users expected: the possibility of activating the authentication in two steps without the need to link a telephone number.

This decision comes weeks after having starred in a controversy and have recognized that they used "unintentionally" the telephone numbers and emails of their users for commercial purposes, even though they were requested to establish two-step authentication.

You can now delete your linked phone number

The two-step verification came to Twitter in 2013, and At first it was only possible to activate it via SMS (subsequently added alternative systems, such as Google Authenticator).

The truth is this posed some security problems, since it is relatively simple to be a victim of a Swap SIM: to double your SIM card and thus receive the code needed to access your account.

Instagram attacks an app that allows you to view the private profiles of other users

Let's not forget that a few months ago they managed to hack Jack Dorsey's account (Twitter CEO), and everything indicates that he was the victim of a Swap SIM.

That means that from now on you can go to the Twitter application, go to 'Settings'> 'Privacy'> 'Account'> 'Phone' and "delete phone number" associated with our account.

If you use, for example, a system like Google Authenticator, you can activate it by returning to 'Security'> 'Two-phase authentication'. After entering our Twitter password we can link our account with Google Authenticator.