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Tips for typing with the iPhone keyboard

It is very likely that in your day you spend more time writing on your iPhone than on your Mac or PC. That is why we have decided to make this article in which we tell you

Tips and tricks that will make your life easier when using the keyboard of your iPhone.

We cover all aspects: from several methodologies to accelerate the writing on your iPhone, to how to find several symbols and punctuation marks, and ways to increase or decrease the size of the keyboard. Read on to know more.

Write with swipe

One of the novelties that came to all iPhones with the new version of iOS 13 is the possibility of using the keyboard mode swipe, known as the sliding keyboard that is activated by default.

Previously, if as an iPhone user you wanted to use it, you had to resort to the installation of third-party applications with which to enable it, something that those older iPhone users who do not support iOS 13 will have to resort to. Check if your iPhone is compatible with the new iOS 13.

To use the new function of swipe Supported by iOS 13 and known as QuickPath, you simply slide your finger over the keys you normally press, without having to lift it to go from one key to another. You see the words form.

It is not proven to be faster than writing with your fingers, but it really has many benefits, such as being able to handle the mobile with one hand, instead of having to use your thumbs of both hands.

The iPhone seems to know in a magical way what you are trying to write even if you cannot spell it, so that it produces the correct spelling, although sometimes you show different words, but as a rule, the predictive system works very well.

To demonstrate that we are faster by writing with our fingers, we perform a test and find that natural writing is faster, something you are already used to, but with practice, you can always gain greater agility.

One problem is that if you want to delete a single incorrect letter at the end of a word, the system deletes the entire word. If you see that it is frustrating, you can deactivate QuickPath writing in Settings> General> Keyboard> Swipe to type.

How to move around the page with the cursor

In previous versions of iOS, assuming your iPhone had 3D Touch, you could hold down the cursor and then move your finger to the place where you wanted the cursor to be.

In iOS 13, this action is somewhat simpler, since you simply touch anywhere on the page so you can see the cursor and then drag it with your finger wherever you want it to be. There is no need to press on the screen.

Redo and undo

In iOS 12 and earlier versions, we are often seen shaking the phone every time we make a mistake. This is how you can correct words with a simple shaking movement.