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this will be the new tablet of Huawei


Ms Huawei tablets for the basic range: a new MediaPad T3 7 is on its way

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August 4, 2017

huawei mediapad t3

We were just talking a few hours ago about Huawei tablet sales success and now we discover that in a new model with which to continue gaining ground is on the way, more specifically a new version of its cheaper tablet, which would arrive with better technical specifications and with mobile connection: this will be the MediaPad T3 7 3G.

A new MediaPad T3 7 improved, with Android Nougat and 3G connection

The MediaPad T3 7 It is a relatively recent model so it might surprise us that a new version was going to be launched so soon, but it is true, on the other hand, that this tablet arrived without version with 3G connection, something that did the rest of the models in the range, so it makes some sense that a model with this feature is now taken to stores.

It is also true that at first it seemed logical that there was no 3G version thinking that it looked like a tablet destined to compete with the ultra low cost, but it is that this new version does not give the impression of being designed to compete with the Fire 7, but because of what the records that have appeared indicate, it comes with a few improvements that make it climb some steps.

What is the best cheap tablet we can buy?

What is the best cheap tablet we can buy?

The screen remains the same, with 7 inches and resolution 1024 x 600, and neither do the cameras change. It seems likely that the processor will not change, although it cannot be confirmed at the moment. The good news is that this would come with Android Nougat (The standard version was announced with him but he finally reached the stores with Marshmallow), in addition to having 16 GB of storage capacity, 2 GB of RAM and a fairly large battery, with 4000 mAh.

Huawei tablets, an option to consider if we are looking for a tablet with mobile connection

Although this new MediaPad T3 7 would arrive with 3G and not LTE, in general, it must be said that right now the Huawei tablets they are one of the best options we have if we look for a 4G tablet Affordable, because they are easy to find (what we cannot say of all) and what is more interesting, they are now available with very good prices.