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These are the AT&T plans for the HBO Max streaming service


There are still a few months until AT&T officially launches HBO Max, but it has already built an ambitious long-term vision of what will be its next streaming platform. The new service go face to face with Netflix, in a competitive market saturated with other streaming options, such as Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV Plus.

But now, the latest comments from AT&T management suggest that the company wants HBO Max to be a combination of all those services. In his own words, a Swiss video streaming knife.

When HBO Max is launched in April next year, it will be a premium streaming service, more like Netflix than others in the competition. It is no secret that HBO already has a large following and the goal with its next streaming service is to expand that audience, potentially at the same level as Netflix.

According to the company's plans, AT&T expects to add 16 million incremental subscribers to its current HBO subscriber base, to reach a total of 50 million people who pay for the service by 2025, and that's only in the US market That would place him on the heels of the current Netflix numbers.

A premium streaming service makes perfect sense for HBO. After all, his productions have won dozens of Emmy nominations every year, and his brand is practically synonymous with the best of television. If content produced exclusively for HBO Max can reach the same level of quality as HBO, it could help more consumers justify the subscription price of $ 14.99 per month.

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