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The Samsung Galaxy S11 will arrive with a 120Hz screen »ERdC

The Samsung Galaxy S11 will arrive with a 120Hz screen

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The phones with high frequency update screens they are becoming a trend. The OnePlus 7 series arrived this year with 90Hz screens and Google Pixel 4 too. Other phones such as Realme X2 Pro and OPPO Reno Ace also incorporate 90Hz screens. Meanwhile, Razer is creating games phones with 120Hz screens. It seems that a future phone Samsung will do the same as Razer.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 will mount a 120Hz screen

Samsung is no stranger to high-end screen technology, of course. Nevertheless, they never released a phone with a 90Hz screen, much less 120Hz. The most recent beta version of One UI 2.0 based on Android 10 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 suggests a future phone of the South Korean giant that have a 120Hz screen. There is an option in the screen settings for toggle between 60Hz and 120Hz rates. Obviously, the Galaxy Note 9 screen cannot make the high refresh rate run, but this could pave the way for a phone that is capable of being.

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The information was published on Twitter by several people, including the popular filter Ice universe. The catch of the latter is in Chinese, but someone else responded with an English version. The two options are called "Best display" and "Save Battery". The option Best Display is 120 Hz and says “Always use 120 Hz for the most fluid display possible. This will use more battery than usual. The description of Save Battery says “Save battery automatically switching between 60Hz and 120Hz depending on the applications you choose and the content currently displayed on the screen. ” It is also possible to disable the high refresh rate completely and only use 60Hz.

Ice Universe speculates that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be presented with the "Best Display" option of 120Hz. This terminal certainly seems to be the most likely candidate for the 120Hz screen. Samsung manufactures many of the high-frequency update screens used by other original equipment manufacturers, so it will not be a problem for Samsung to equip its own phones.

You will also use a 108MP main camera

It seems that the manufacturer is putting all the meat on the grill for your new flagship of 2020. In addition to the possibility of an impressive 120Hz screen, other striking details have been leaked. For example, it is said that they will use an improved version of their 108MP ISOCELL HMX sensor as the main camera on the Galaxy S11.

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