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The robot with self-consciousness already exists and is called Hctor

Hctor It is a walking robot, created a year ago by researchers from the University of Bielefeld, Germany, who have progressively made improvements and, the most recent gives a very particular quality: it makes a robot with self-awareness.

German scientists incorporated in Hctor a new software architecture (much more complex than a regular computer design), with which the mechanical artifact in the form of an insect, is able to see itself, that is, to have a certain level of self-awareness.

According to a statement issued by the house of studies, the biologists Malte Shilling and Holk Cruse, are carrying out an analysis to determine how much in terms of mental states and consciousness can be incorporated into software, even if they are added to the robot later.

Advances together

To be a robot with self-awareness, Hctor first goes through the software that give it life like the Walknet, which allows you to walk with insect steps and the Navinet with which you can find the way forward to reach a distant site or object.

When these two computer programs fail to resolve a conflict that is presented to the robot, it comes into play "ReaCog", the software developed by Schilling and Cruse so that Hctor can simulate ?imagined behaviors? and make decisions that will lead to the resolution of the conflict. It is at this time that the robot analyzes and imagines scenarios to solve its problem, when it is said that it has a simple form of consciousness.

The two researchers have based on the concept of a reflective awareness for their innovation. As Cruse explains, the human being has a reflexive consciousness when he can not only perceive what he experiences, but also has the ability to experience that he is experiencing something. Therefore, reflective awareness exists if a technical or human system can see itself from outside itself, so to speak.

Schilling then points out that Hctor, with the new software, can observe his internal mental state, to some extent, his moods and direct his actions, using this information.

Though reaCog It has not been physically tested in Hctor but in computer simulations, it is hoped that later it will be able to assess the mental state of third parties, feel the intentions or expectations of others, and act accordingly.

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