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The Pixel 3 is able to do this with your camera: you are going to freak out

When Google announced the Pixel 2 one of its strengths was the photographic section. It is not in vain that portrait mode has been praised for a year. The company published a series of photos taken with that mobile and left us with our mouths open.

This year they wanted to do the same and on Google they shared a gallery of images that allow us to see what this terminal is capable of.

In this case the interest is even greater than in last year's model because in addition to seeing how the rear camera responds, the principal, we can see how the two front cameras behave, especially the one that takes the photos with the wide angle and then processes the image to correct the deformations caused by the lens.

Photo gallery with the rear camera

Photo gallery with front cameras

All images have been resized so that you do not have problems when navigating between them or spend hundreds of MB downloading them. However, if you want to see them in full size you can take a look at the dpreview gallery.

It is necessary to emphasize the control of the scene that the camera realizes, obtaining that the lights are the suitable ones and that the dark areas do not pixele nor show artifacts.

And if you think that these photos are studied and that when a person buys it they will not be able to take images of that quality, look at what our partner Pedro has done with the test unit that we are using and that he has shared on our Instagram profile: