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The new INE credentials will have QR codes

Technology is reaching credentials to vote. As of December, the National Electoral Institute (INE) Include in the new identifications two-dimensional QR codes to improve security mechanisms of the personal data of the citizens, since they only have the necessary information for their identification.

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Inside the codes the name, the Public Registry Key (CURP), the state, municipality and locality of origin will be found, in addition to the validity of the credential and a black and white photograph with a watermark. The code also indicates if the credential was issued in Mexico or in any other country.

"This will basically help us to strengthen the protection of personal data," said Marco Antonio Baos, electoral advisor of the INE, through a statement. "And avoid improper use of the information of that data through the voter's own credential."

The incorporation of the QR code in the voting credentialscome accompanied by a new appto be developed by the INEso that both public and private institutions can verify citizen information and that the credential is authentic. "The banks may, eventually, do some reading of data, but as long as in the application the keys to access certain data are authorized by the electoral authority," Baos explained.

This innovation also serves to expedite the exchange of information between public institutions, he added.

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