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The new folding Moto Rzr can be an inspiration for the iPhone

foldable iPhone

During these days Motorola presented its new device which has captured the looks, compliments and buying interest of many users. This echoed in all companies and that is when Apple users have wondered, in case there is a possibility that a foldable iPhoneIs that how it should look?

Motorola flips the coin

The new Moto Rzr is certainly a direct attack to nostalgia and memories of the beginnings of the mobile phone revolution. With a very style retro and the design so inspired by its old Moto RZr v3, Motorola has managed to give an unexpected turn to everything currently recognized due to large competitors like Samsung or Huawei, who have been the ones venturing to take out a Smartphone type folder, but neither has it offered something comparable to the folding of this pair.

The new Moto Rzr, has something very recognizable and it is the uniqueness of going against what is expected today. Well, its folding version It is not to increase the size of your screen to double or bring it closer to the dimensions of a tablet, but it is foldable to be smaller, comfortable, elegant and stylish.

When opened, it shows a 6.2-inch (2142 x 876) OLED Flex View screen and when closed there is an external 2.7-inch (800 x 600) ?Quick View? screen that sign icons network and battery, the classics indicators of time, date and weather. Although there are also shortcuts to bring the assistant by voice, control the music and the messenger.

Moto Rzr

The example for Apple?

This new device is too much interesting. It fulfills the functions of an entire Smartphone of mid-range, brings flexible technology, but is due in terms of power and some other characteristics. What is very remarkable is the boldness in taking an iconic model of the company and bringing it with a new technology.

The detail to which I give more value is that Motorola cared for the user experience** With the mobile, even when it is cornered by the various problems it faces in popularity and acceptance, they seek to innovate in a certain way in their models. This is one of the details that have made the iPhone a device monotonous. They offer us technology and an incredible system, but we don't see a distinction remarkable? We have long seen a similar design, which is neither more comfortable, nor more striking. We have a notch and a border in the new three cameras, some variation in colors, but where is the innovation and surprise?

Apple is good at applying technologies, although it has been mentioned that they are late, the reality is that they are better of what is already in the market. Maybe if we take Motorola?s decision to Apple?s projects and the rumor of the foldable iPhone in two parts that has been going on for several months, could result in something very attractive. Do something different from the conventional, something useful and incredible.

Imagine the folding iPhone

It seems to me that the idea of ??bringing even a folding iPhone and better, that has the virtue of shrinking us will remember quite the security offered by the previous models (3gs, 4, 5 and SE), they fit perfectly in your pocket, you have full confidence that it will not break, it will not fall or they will not even be able to take it out so easily (in case of theft). And although the current models of larger screens are incredibleThey are also cumbersome and require more care.

Imagine a folding iPhone with a front screen in the purest style of AppleWatch, with a design as only Apple knows how to do it, with that lighting and the interface so distinguished that it has in its operating systems will be something great. We will face a new distinction of elegance and application of technologies in the market. Surely the company will do everything to make it more productive taking advantage The two screens. All focused on improving the experience, comfort and usability of the device.

Iphone folding concept

I think Motorola has right With your proposal and all the marketing that you have implemented for your new Moto Rzr, I hope it works and that this really shows that technological innovation, too It goes hand in hand With other aspects.

With this release I wonder, be that Apple and the other companies begin to to surprise?, Apple take into account what this device caused to route better way your folding iPhone patent ?, with these devices that already have the flexibility technology, it is worth it that Apple look for something Similary? Only time will tell, I just hope it is at height of the company.