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The launch of Google Stadia is being a disaster

google stadia launch

After many rumors, leaks and announcements, Google Stadia is already here. The new Google service that allows us to play video games in the cloud (via the Internet without having to buy a console) has made its debut and is not being as spectacular as expected. Even, we do not miss the truth if we say that the launch of Stadia is being a disaster.

From users who made the pre-purchase of Stadia and still can not play until technical yields below what was promised, the platform has not started in a very good way. Here we will review all the problems that Google Stadia is presenting in its first days of life.

Google Stadia: a disastrous start

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As of November 19, Google Stadia is available for users who bought the packages Founders and Premiere Edition. These packages include the official Stadia command, a Chromecast Ultra and 3 months of Stadia Pro subscription, which allows users to play on the platform from the very day of launch.

However, Google has not been able to fulfill its promise and the Founders and Premiere Edition packages have not arrived on the launch date to all users. Google clarifies to The Verge that what has been announced is that these packages ?begin arriving on November 19". That means The first buyers of these packages have been able to enjoy Stadia on launch day, but those that took pre-purchase, no.

Also, Google clarify that they expect to make all shipments in the next two weeks. Recall that a month ago Google had published a tweet where they said ?We are eager to welcome all the Founders (buyers of the Founders Edition package) to play with Stadia this November 19?.

In that tweet they said that it could be played on November 19 … This is the first sign that Mountain View's are not being very honest with everything related to Stadia.

Some codes to create an account in Stadia have not yet been sent

On the other hand, some users who have already received their Stadia package are very angry because Google did not send them the access code. Said code allows users create a Google Stadia account and reserve the username wishing Therefore, although they already have all the necessary hardware to play in Stadia, there are still many users who cannot do it because they do not have the code, which will be sent in the next 2 or 3 days.

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The technical inconveniences: lag, fps drops, absence of the promised 60 fps …

If we review the reviews of the media that have tried Google Stadia so far, they all conclude the following: the platform is great, but it's not finished yet. In fact, most agree that Google Stadia is still not strong enough to offer a gaming experience superior to consoles such as PS4, Xbox, PC, etc.

For example, from Forbes ensure that the platform works well 80% of the time of a game and 20% bad. That 20% ends up being very significant in online games or in games like Mortal Kombat where a small lag or one of frames can make you lose easily. Google has also admitted that, due to the influx of players, latency problems may be experienced in the first few days.

And if that was not enough, the promise of being able to play in 4K and at 60 fps with Google Stadia is also not being fulfilled. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 works at 30 fps with 1440p resolution rendered at 4K. Another game that works this way is Destiny 2, which reaches 60 fps, but with 1080p resolution. While Google may improve the technical quality of Stadia over time, it gives very bad publicity to the platform the fact that the current consoles already run these games in a better way.

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Many of the promised features are not available since launch.

In addition to the technical performance below expectations, Google Stadia has also arrived without the following features announced: