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The incredible story of three friends to recreate the macOS Catalina wallpaper

macOS Catalina fund

It was not his first time, much less, but the challenge of this occasion was much more difficult. Andrew, Jacob and Taylor are three friends who are dedicated to recreate the wallpapers of our Mac every time Apple launches a new version of macOS, and how could it be otherwise, after the launch of macOS Catalina they decided to recreate the iconic wallpaper of the island of Catalina, in California.

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A challenge to achieve the same photo as Apple.

The challenge was not simple, and after reaching the island of Catalina, located in California in the gulf of the same name, they must travel to its northernmost point to recreate the same scene. On foot and with their cameras and drones on their back they tell us in their last YouTube video how they achieved it, and it is that they truly they lived an adventure. With much less equipment than the original photograph needs (Apple's is taken from a helicopter) this group of intrepid friends manage to recreate in a very plausible way the original macOS Catalina wallpaper.

Video source: Andrew Levitt YouTube channel

Apple has always taken its wallpapers very seriously.

They are a reference in their devices, let's talk about Mac, iPhone or iPad Apple wallpapers are usually in most cases those chosen by users of their devices. And it is that Apple takes very seriously to achieve incredibly extraordinary captures for its wallpapers. It is true that for this need you have almost unlimited resources, but as this group of friends has shown, you only need and good company to recreate them. Who points to excursion to recreate the next macOS fund?