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The best weather applications on Android

Forget about the person who gives the weather forecast on your local channel. There are currently applications for phones that provide updated weather alerts in real time that you cannot find anywhere else. If you want the most reliable and accurate forecasts, you will need to use your phone, not a television or radio. However, not all weather applications are the same. Some specialize in forecasts for a week; others provide satellite images in real time. Here we present our favorites for Android, so you are always ready when you leave home.

How could we not include the Weather Channel application? It is free, complete and has practically everything you need to watch the skies. It changes automatically depending on your location and provides the current weather plus the hourly weather for the next two days, plus forecasts for up to 15 days.

In addition, you can configure it to automatically notify you of extreme weather alerts and you can watch exclusive online content and videos of the Weather Channel television broadcasts.

It also offers a dynamic home screen option that changes according to the time, location and weather and tells you if the weather is good for a variety of outdoor activities. Your weather maps are updated quickly and include lightning information.


weather applications

AccuWeather is one of the best, not only for its ease of use but also for how complete it is. It includes something called MinuteCast, which AccuWeather tries to give you a minute-by-minute summary of the weather conditions for the next two hours. There are also forecasts per hour for up to three days and one forecast per day for 15 days.

Other functions distinguish it from the rest. You will find information about allergies, sunrise and sunset and news and videos about the weather. You can also submit your own weather reports and videos, and AccuWeather may include them in its own reports.


Dark Sky is one of the most detailed weather applications in the market, capable of informing users at what minute conditions change. Although it is difficult to know how accurate it ends up being, its predictions are not bad at all, and a Dark Sky notification can be the difference between getting wet or not.

The best parts of Dark Sky come with an annual membership of $ 3 dollars; That's where you find the forecasts minute by minute. But it also includes notifications, a widget for the home screen and a summary of the weather of the day directly in your morning notifications. You can sign up to try the free premium features for two weeks, so why not try it for yourself? If you're not interested, the free version comes with daily and weekly forecasts, weather maps and current conditions. Not bad to be free.


Weather Underground (now owned by the Weather Channel) is the largest collection of personal weather stations on the network, which means you'll never be too far from a local weather report.

In addition to local meteorological information, this application is full of data. Presented both in the form of text and graphics, you can find data (current and historical) of temperature, wind speed, daily rainfall and even pollutant information and the current UV index. There are only forecasts for 10 days, a little less than other applications, but as we mentioned, here the important thing is the data.

We also love its webcam section, where you can see photos of what's happening out there, and Wunderphotos, the community photo area. Take a picture and it can be included for others to see.