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The best smartwatch you can use with the iPhone

Apple watch

Today the smartwatch have become a habitual complement, and luckily we have an incredible variety for all tastes and colors. When we think of him iPhone and its ideal companion it is clear that we are going to talk about Apple Watch, and more specifically of the recently released Apple Watch Series 5. But beyond Apple smart watches there is a market of the most varied in terms of benefits and prices, so … How much are you willing to spend? We have prepared a list with 5 Apple smartwatchs and other brands for all audiences, with different prices, styles and features, read on to know them.

Apple Watch Series 5: You could not miss the perfect match.

It is not necessary to look outside the home if what we want is the best of smart watches to use with the iPhone, with the greatest synchronization, performance and power of all. Apple has the reference smartwatch in their hands, and together with the iPhone they make an incredible couple.

apple watch series 5

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Apple Watch Series 3: More of the same as Series 5, but with some less benefit.

Not all Apple users can afford to spend almost 500 on a smart watch, luckily Apple continues to keep the Apple Watch Series 3 in its Apple Store, a device with great capabilities and a lot of power to satisfy the vast majority. Your biggest point in favor? It offers many of the features of Series 5 but starting from just over 200. Without doubt a great option at an incredible price.


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From here come third-party devices, they weren't going to be all Apple Watch, even if we liked it. And there are many equally valid alternatives out there.

Fitbit Versa: Alexa, Spotify and measurements of all kinds in your face for less than 200.

Fitbit developed a really capable device when I created the Fitbit Versa. Today this smartwatch competes face to face with the Apple Watch Series 3 in performance, as they share several skills. In addition, thanks to its alliance with Amazon and with Spotify, it has unique features such as Alexa or music synchronization as in Apple Music with the Apple Watch. Besides literally shatters Series 3 in when battery life, since with up to 6 days of longevity it is far ahead of Apple's Watch.

Fitbit Versa 2

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Fossil Carlyle (5 Gen): Wear OS appears.

Marked for being designed by a company that among others is dedicated to the market of analog watches, Fossil Carlyle boasts a most elegant style and design. Your buts? Wear OS does not get along as well with iOS as we would like and this makes the devices that integrate it not as flashy for users of Apple's mobile system. In addition, its price is located halfway between a Watch Series 3 and a Series 4, so it is probably worth more to opt for an Apple watch directly.