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The best PS4 drivers you can buy right now

The PlayStation 4 is the most popular console of the current generation. With its ease of use, social and exchange functions and its gross power, it is an excellent choice for all types of games. But what will become of it if it is not accompanied by adequate control? Although the DualShock 4 is an excellent alternative, we take the job of selecting the best PS4 drivers you can buy.

DualShock 4

DualShock 4 | Best drivers for PS4

Included with the PlayStation 4 regardless of the package you buy, the DualShock 4 is one of the best drivers created by Sony. Its front buttons are large enough to fit any hand, excellent triggers, and the analog levers have a friendlier shape for your thumb. He DualShock 4 it is more than a simple update of DualShock 3, since it includes a touch panel, it has an excellent speaker for game sounds and a button to quickly capture and share your best movements. The design is so good that everything indicates that Sony even use an almost identical one for the PlayStation 5 of 2020.

Perhaps the only disadvantages of the DualShock 4 are the relatively short battery life and the tendency of the analog levers to break after intensive use. So, this last problem is easily solved with a pair of rubber protectors. In addition, the controllers are economical enough to replace them without incurring high costs.


Lilyhood | Best drivers for PS4

If your PlayStation 4 is in a small space and only a few meters from you when you play, you may want to invest in a wired controller to save the time it takes to charge the DualShock 4 battery. The remote Lilyhood It has a cable of 6.5 feet (1.9 meters), which should give you the slack needed to play. It offers the same motion control and touch support of the standard DualShock 4.

With a lower price, sacrifice the speaker functions and the audio jack that are in the most expensive drivers. Anyway, this remote is also compatible with the PlayStation 3, PC and Android, and includes textured grips to ensure your hands will not slip during long and strenuous sessions. Analog levers include prominences abroad and their larger margins resemble it more like an Xbox One control than DualShock 4.

Hori Fighting Commander

Hori Fighting Commander | Best drivers for PS4

Since Injustice 2 until Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, PlayStation 4 is home to the best fighting games. If you are a fan of these titles, the Hori Fighting Commander It is the perfect option, especially if you have a limited budget. The remote control has all the front buttons, as well as those of R1 and R2 on the front, in a configuration similar to Sega Genesis. In addition, it includes additional side buttons, a switch that functions as an analog lever and a turbo button.

Like the Xbox One version, the PlayStation 4 controller can also be used for PC and PlayStation 3 games. Its small size and economical price give you the ability to easily buy more than one when your friends visit you for a few battles. in Dragon Ball FighterZ or Street Fighter V. In addition, it includes a 10 feet (3 meters) cable for ease of use.

Hit box

Hit box | Best drivers for PS4

More than any other genre, fighting games need precise inputs, so an analog stick and even a directional pad will not work properly. If this is your case, the Hit Box is the alternative you are probably looking for. This control has an appearance similar to a fight control, although it only contains side and top buttons. You can use the same techniques with a traditional controller, but by using your whole hand and fingertips to perform special attacks you are less likely to make mistakes. Make the move Hadoken Ryu, for example, can be a little trick on a gamepad, but with the Hit Box it's a piece of cake.

Also compatible with PC, the Hit Box has been used in events of high level fighting games like Evo. In addition, it is made of a mixture of plexigls and metal to prevent damage when you are moving. As with the Fighting Commander, it is not wireless, but almost 10 feet of cable (3 meters) should be sufficient.

Scuf Vantage

Scuf Vantage | Best drivers for PS4

The PlayStation 4 does not have its own ?Elite? control like the Xbox One, but Scuf created an alternative with the Scuf Vantage. Designed as a kind of hybrid between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One designs, it has asymmetric analog levers, which provides a more comfortable resting position during long gaming sessions, and its directional keyboard has different clicks, ideal for fighting games and platforms.

One of the most amazing things is how incredibly customizable the Scuf Vantage is. Lift the magnetic faceplate and you can easily remove both analog levers, the directional pad and even the rumbling engines and you can replace individual components with parts that fit your style more. Do you want longer triggers? Simply remove the included trigger covers and replace them in a few seconds.

The Scuf Vantage also comes with four paddles on the back, as well as two additional buttons on each side. All can be programmed on the fly if you need quick adjustments. Although you will pay $ 200 dollars or more for the Bluetooth model, you will have excellent battery life and better build quality to replace your DualShock 4.

The best driver with Vantage 2 update. In-game settings allow you to automatically adjust additional buttons and palettes to better support popular titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Borderlands 3.

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