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The best deals on Android, Windows and iPad tablets of the moment


Not one euro more: all offers and tablets that have fallen in price

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August 3, 2017

Video comparison iPad Pro 10.5 vs Galaxy Tab S3

With all releases that took place at the end of spring, summer is being the most moved when it comes to offers on tablets, some for new models and others for old ones. Some of them have been for specific days, but there are a few still valid, and we will review all of them to put some order and help you to verify that you are not missing any.

Offers in new high-end models

It is not exactly usual to find that we can buy the best tablets of the moment, launched just a few months ago with prices below the official ones, but these days it has been possible. In the case of iPad Pro 10.5 we have found it at the price of iPad Pro 9.7, which means a saving of about 60 euros that can come in handy if only to make us with a case. Taking into account how interesting the discount was, it may not surprise us that at the moment they have run out of stock, but it seems that the conditions are maintained for when they receive more units.

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For the Galaxy Tab S3 we had this day an offer that left us with almost 100 euros off, but that yes, unfortunately, has ended. If you did not arrive in time to take advantage of it, in any case, we have at least the opportunity to buy it a little cheaper than usual through Amazon (its official price is 670 euros, but it is usually found already for 650 euros).

Offers in new mid-range models

As regards the mid-range, the ones we can't miss are the offers for Huawei tablets that are appearing these days and that we reviewed yesterday: MediaPad M3 by less than 270 euros, the MediaPad M3 10 Lite by 250 euros, the MediaPad T3 10 with 4G by less than 200 euros and the MediaPad T3 7 by 80 euros, almost at the price of Fire 7.

More discounts for Huawei tablets to consider in mid-range and basic

More discounts for Huawei tablets to consider in mid-range and basic

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from and the most interesting thing is that, which are all for new models launched a couple of months ago, with the only exception of the MediaPad M3 that it is a tablet that saw the light at the end of last year and that, as far as technical specifications are concerned, it is still practically unbeaten (it is actually a high-end tablet because of hardware).

Price drops for older high-end models

If even with discounts the iPad Pro 10.5 and the Galaxy Tab S3 we are still leaving a little budget, we always have the option of betting on its predecessors, with still high-level features. The Galaxy Tab S2 It has been seen for quite good prices, especially the 8 inch, but it is true that, in general, it has not changed much by the arrival of the new model (it is difficult to find it for less than 400 euros, usually). He iPad Pro 9.7, however, can be purchased right now through Amazon for up to 550 euros and there are also very interesting offers for the model of 12.9 inch.