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The Android Game Center, Google Games, is visible and will be around the corner


The Android Game Center, Google Games, is visible and will be around the corner

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April 19, 2013

Google Games

An Android device can perfectly fulfill the functions of a video game console. The graphic capacity of the latest models as well as the offer of games that we find in the different application stores is increasingly interesting. However, we did not find a resource center for players as if we have iOS, the Game Center. This could be about to come to an end, since they have been discovered new indications of a Google Games.

In Android Police they decided to thoroughly review the APK of the MyGlass application, the software with which your phone connects to Google Glass allowing them to control GPS and messaging. When they investigated they saw a curious folder called Games. In it are all the possible wicks to think that the arrival of the service is only a matter of time.

Google Games 1

A lot of its functions are traced of which the Game Center offers to iPad and iPhone players. Our gaming experience turns in the form of data and returns to us in the form of rankings of scores, achievements or results in competitive games. The idea is to make the gaming experience more attractive and give it a social component by collating with your contacts. According to the files seen in MyGlass, these would be the functions of Google Games:

  • Register of achievements
  • Social management: ability to search and add contacts
  • Leaderboards social: with contacts and with everyone
  • Mode real-time multiplayer
  • Mode turn multiplayer
  • Waiting rooms for multiplayer games
  • Chat

Google Games 2

As we can see, it is a really complete system that some gaming platforms that offer their titles on Android provide with better or worse results. It would be great news and we hope it arrives soon. The presence of such a structured code seems a definite symptom and the only question that remains is: when.

Source: Android Police